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Transparent adhesive tape in RECYCLED PPL - 50 mmx 66 mt

Ref. ACIT 428HT-ECO Trasparente 66x50
EAN13 8051414983740


Adhesive tape in PPL (polypropylene) resulting in part from RECYCLED PPL - SOLVENT-FREE adhesive - Recycled cardboard mandrel - A small step towards a cleaner world


Even if there is a part of recycled PPL, the adhesive tape has the same performance of a standard adhesive tape.


packaging and closing cardboards, even the heavy ones, items temporary fixing and stretch film sealing


The adhesive tape undwinding is silent, and this feature allows more comfort for the operators


Measurement 50 mm x 66 mt (50X66), transparent colour, silent undwinding.

Background color
Silent Undwinding

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Product description

This adhesive tape is made using recycled polypropylene without compromising the mechanical performances and the optical features of the product

In detail:

  • more than 20% of the PPL results from Recycled PPL
  • water-based acrylic adhesive that reduces the environmental impact
  • rolled on recycled cardboard mandrels

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