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Single Sided Adhesive Tapes

Types of tape adhesive
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Showing 1-59 of 72 item(s)
Showing 1-59 of 72 item(s)

Single Sided Adhesive Tapes

Types of tape adhesive

The adhesive tapes in this category are made of natural rubber and used for medium-heavy packaging where a strong seal is required. The unwinding of the tape is perfectly silent. It does not leave glue deposits and can also be used without a dispenser.

Different types of adhesive tapes

Natural rubber tape with adhesive has excellent adhesiveness to any surface, good resistance to cold and heat. Suitable for very heavy packs, it leaves no residue on smooth surfaces. Ideal for printing. In our dedicated section, natural rubber pvc tapes are available in sizes: 66m x 38mm and 66m x 50mm. Come and choose the most suitable product for you!

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Welcome to the authoritative source for all your adhesive needs. Adhesivetapes is the online wing of the venerable ACIT srl, a Parma-based company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing industrial-grade adhesive tapes. Whether you're in search of high-tensile monoadhesive tapes or versatile double-sided tapes, we provide impeccable quality that stands a cut above the rest.

Elevate your industrial applications with our unparalleled range of adhesive tapes. Fabricated to meet the most demanding specifications, our products offer durable and reliable solutions for a multitude of sectors. We don't just supply tapes; we deliver confidence and trust in every adhesive strip.

What sets us apart? Quick and responsive online assistance coupled with a streamlined process from project draft to prompt delivery. We don't just sell tapes; we provide comprehensive adhesive solutions tailored to your specific operational requirements.

Explore Different Types of Adhesive Tapes for Varied Applications

Delve into our curated selection of different types of adhesive tapes, perfect for various industrial applications. From double-sided adhesive tapes that offer exceptional bonding properties to monoadhesive options that excel in tensile strength, we've got you covered.

In our commitment to excellence, we pay attention to every detail, from sourcing superior raw materials to implementing cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Our double-sided tapes and adhesive tapes are engineered to outperform, substantiating our reputation as an industry leader.

Browse our comprehensive catalog today and find the perfect match for your needs, or connect with our expert team for custom solutions. Visit our dedicated category for double-sided adhesive tapes to enhance your project's efficacy with our range of high-quality offerings.