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Structural Adhesive

Structural Adhesive
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Showing 1-31 of 31 item(s)
Showing 1-31 of 31 item(s)

Structural Adhesive

Unparalleled Structural Adhesive Solutions for Industrial Use

When it comes to reliability, look no further than Adhesivetapes for superior structural adhesive products. Boasting four decades of expertise in the adhesives sector, our formulations are explicitly engineered for enduring performance. Catering to a myriad of industrial applications, these structural adhesives are unparalleled in durability, ensuring maximum bonding strength where it matters the most.

At Adhesivetapes, a division of the historic ACIT srl based in Parma, we take a meticulous approach to quality. Our structural adhesives not only meet but exceed industry standards, offering a dependable solution for a wide array of industrial bonding needs. Supported by our swift online assistance, customers can expect a seamless experience, from initial inquiry to project execution.

Discover the different grades of structural adhesive we offer, tailored to suit specific application requirements. Crafted for exceptional resistance and durability, these products are a testament to the high-quality adhesives A.C.I.T. has been renowned for over 40 years. For enhanced application flexibility, consider also our Double Sided Adhesive Tapes, designed to meet a diverse range of industrial challenges.

Structural Glue: The Pinnacle of Bonding Excellence

In addition to structural adhesives, Adhesivetapes is proud to offer a range of structural glue products that complement our adhesive solutions. Ideal for high-stress environments, our structural glues ensure a robust bond, withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures. Also worth noting is our collection of Double Sided Tapes and Adhesive Tapes, further broadening the possibilities for all your industrial bonding needs.

Our commitment to providing versatile structural adhesive solutions extends to customized offerings as well. Upon request, we swiftly provide draft proposals, enabling quick approval and subsequent rapid processing. This ensures you receive your adhesive products, including our esteemed Double Sided Adhesive Tapes, in the shortest possible time.

Take advantage of Adhesivetapes' comprehensive selection of structural adhesive and glue options. From our impeccable customer service to our swift project turnaround, we set the industry standard for excellence. Don't compromise on your industrial bonding requirements; choose Adhesivetapes for the highest grade of structural adhesive and Double Sided Tapes.