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3M Abrasive products
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Showing 1-37 of 37 item(s)


3M Abrasive Products: the strength of 3M science for powerful results!

A.C.I.T. srl is Official Reseller 3M

Abrasive products

A.C.I.T. offers a range of abrasive products easy-to-use to give on customers to work on all types of materials. In this section of our e-commerce you'll find innovative, high-value and performance solutions for many jobs: from hydropower to electronics, from construction to renovation and many others. Abrasives are part of the daily's makeover: from paper for sanding to diamond blade for cutting asphalt and stone, from grinding wheel to vacuum disc for car body repair. In our section you will find products of many different brands.

3M Abrasive products

On Adhesivetapes the excellence of our brand comes from the great investments made over time, to ensure the quality of our products, able to to improve the productivity of work. Abrasive products in our catalog such as: 3M fiber discs, Scotch-Brite Clean & Finishing or the Industrial Cleaner. Choose Adhesivetapes and you'll be on safe!

Discover Premium Abrasive Products for Industrial Excellence

Welcome to Adhesivetapes, where uncompromising quality meets industrial innovation. As the e-commerce arm of the renowned ACIT srl, a Parma-based enterprise specializing in adhesive tapes for over 40 years, we are thrilled to introduce our range of top-tier abrasive products. Designed for the rigorous demands of various industries, these products set the bar for durability, performance, and reliability.

Our extensive assortment of abrasive products not only covers essential items but also caters to specialized needs. From sanding discs and belts to grinding wheels, each product embodies the legacy of ACIT srl—a legacy that revolves around exceeding customer expectations and setting industry benchmarks.

Choose Adhesivetapes for your abrasive needs and benefit from our rapid online assistance. Once your request is submitted, our dedicated team swiftly provides project drafts for approval. Upon acceptance, we expedite the processing to ensure you receive your abrasive products promptly. Your satisfaction, after all, is our ultimate endorsement.

Experience the Unmatched Quality of 3M Abrasive Products

Among our curated selection, we are proud to feature 3M abrasive products. Known for their unbeatable quality and exceptional versatility, 3M products offer unparalleled solutions for a myriad of industrial applications. From grinding to finishing, elevate your operations with 3M's innovative technologies.

For those in search of adhesive solutions, we invite you to explore our Double Sided Adhesive Tapes category. Crafted with premium materials and optimized for various uses, our double-sided tapes provide a robust, reliable alternative for fastening and bonding tasks.

Whether it's our abrasive products or double-sided tapes, we assure you that each item we offer is meticulously crafted to meet stringent quality standards. Adhesivetapes by ACIT srl is not just a choice; it's a promise of excellence delivered right at your doorstep.