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Anti-slip adhesive tape

Non slip tape
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Anti-slip adhesive tape

Non slip tape

ACIT anti-slip tapes are designed to meet the needs of safety and to prevent slips and falls both in the workplace and inside private homes or apartment buildings. These tapes are characterized by a particular robustness and ensure secure adhesion over time.

Ideal for signaling dangerous situations, avoid falls or slips. You can also use it in the tank of the motorcycle or bicycle to avoid slips. To be used also for skateboards. Suitable for signaling dangerous situations, avoid falls or slips.

A.C.I.T. proposes in this category of our e-commerce dedicated to anti-slip adhesive tapes, ideal solutions for the prevention of falls on indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Stairs, ramps, kitchen or bathroom floors, trailers, other work or recreational areas will no longer be a problem! Non-slip adhesive tapes are easily applied to smooth surfaces and make safe steps, steep ramps, aerial platforms, ensuring good grip and durability.

Non slip adhesive tape

At Adhesivetapes you can find non-slip and anti-skid tapes that stick to clean, dry surfaces without producing rippling, curling, splitting, shrinking or lifting, giving you proven strength for a long time.

High-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive provides ease of application and perfect adhesion to a variety of surfaces without the need for fastening systems.

Anti-slip tapes, in our dedicated catalog you can find different types, such as: yellow and black, fluorescent yellow, gray, white or transparent.

Come and discover them all!"