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COVID 19 protection PRODUCTS
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Showing 1-41 of 41 item(s)
Showing 1-41 of 41 item(s)


COVID 19 protection PRODUCTS

Transparent screens, visors, masks designed to help you work calmly by following the recommended protection rules. Used in shops, pharmacies, shops, banks, offices, or to employees inside companies and factories (totems, panels, walk-on stickers for floors).


You can also find many other products that can be customized and adapted to your specific needs, such as: Floor marking sticker WAIT HERE; PVC adhesive tape - Respect the safety distance 50x50 and much more. On ACIT, you can find these products and much more. Come and discover our dedicated page, and choose the product indicated for your needs! Within the single products there are DISCOUNTS for quantity.

COVID-19 Protection Products: Shield Yourself with Unmatched Quality

Welcome to your reliable source for top-tier COVID-19 protection products. In these unparalleled times, safeguarding your health has never been more critical. We provide a wide range of personal protective equipment, including masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves, all compliant with international safety standards.

Explore our comprehensive selection and discover products that go beyond basic infection control. From touchless thermometers to antiviral sprays, our offerings are backed by scientific research to deliver maximum protection against COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens.

We prioritize both efficacy and comfort. Among our top-rated items, the ffp2 mask stands out for its exceptional filtration capabilities and comfortable fit. Don't compromise on safety; choose products that are both effective and convenient to use.

FFP2 Mask: The Gold Standard in Respiratory Protection

When it comes to masks, the FFP2 classification represents a balance of filtration efficiency and breathability. Recommended for both healthcare settings and everyday activities, these masks offer multi-layered protection against airborne particles.

Not all COVID-19 protection products are created equal. In your battle against this pandemic, make an informed decision. Opt for high-quality, reliable solutions that prioritize both your safety and comfort.

Partner with us for all your COVID-19 protection needs. Every product in our range undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficacy. From sanitizer gels to ffp2 masks, we are your one-stop solution for personal protection.