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Double Sided Transfer Tape
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Misura Fogli


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Showing 1-56 of 56 item(s)


Discover the Excellence of Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape

When it comes to unparalleled adhesive solutions, look no further than Adhesivetapes, a dedicated online wing of ACIT srl— a trusted Parma-based enterprise serving industrial adhesive needs for over four decades. Our collection of double sided adhesive transfer tape is meticulously engineered for durability, surpassing the standards of common adhesive products available on the market.

Experience the versatility that our double sided adhesive transfer tape brings to your industrial applications. Manufactured under rigorous quality controls, these tapes are not only resilient but also conform to various surface materials. Each tape is part of a wide range of double sided tapes designed to meet specific industrial requirements.

Why settle for less when you can opt for double sided adhesive transfer tape from Adhesivetapes? Your satisfaction is our priority; thus, we offer rapid online assistance, prompt project drafts, and expedited delivery. Elevate your project's efficacy with our premium selection of adhesive tapes.

Unlock the Potential of Double Sided Transfer Tape

Are you looking for an alternative that retains the high-performing adhesive properties without compromising on flexibility? Our double sided transfer tape fits the bill, offering a thinner, more conformable solution. Its versatile application makes it one of our most sought-after double sided adhesive tapes.

At Adhesivetapes, we extend our double sided adhesive transfer tape expertise to offer a broader selection of double sided tapes tailored to meet your unique project needs. Rest assured, these products receive the same level of impeccable quality control and expedient service that sets our brand apart.

Invest in the top-of-the-line double sided adhesive transfer tape and gain peace of mind knowing you're backed by four decades of industry expertise. For added convenience, explore our complete range of adhesive tapes, each promising superior performance and reliability.

Transfer double sided tapes : very simple and powerful to use in the place of screws or spray glues.

Transfer double sided tape is perfect for fixing films, sheets and fabric, it can be laminated for foams and photos and it is used also to fix dog tags in metal and plastic.

Often used to assembly promotional items and posters. 

Transfer double sided tapes are suitable in a wide range of applications in screen-printing and in the industrial field.