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Duct Tape

Duct tape
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Showing 1-33 of 33 item(s)

Duct Tape

Duct tape

High quality American duct tape in both plasticized and poly-coated canvas. Available with solvent-based adhesive and hotmelt. Used for sealing, repairing, packaging, masking and short-term protection. Ideal for heating and air conditioning systems, due to its extraordinary characteristics it has become indispensable in every environment and in every activity, because it solves every need in an effective, safe and lasting way. Excellent product that can be used in extreme situations such as construction sites, underground pipes, packaging. The tape has a high adhesive strength on rough surfaces, and if necessary it can also be cut with your hands and can be applied in a few minutes.

American duct tape

It has a higher mechanical resistance than traditional tapes, high adhesiveness on any surface, impermeability, softness and conformability, resistance to temperatures (from -20 to + 85 ° C) and to atmospheric factors (does not dry out). This tape is ideal for both temporary makeshift repairs and permanent fixes. It is useful for binding, edging, reinforcing, protecting. Impervious to water and oils, and is also resistant to atmospheric agents. Available, in our dedicated section, in different colors and sizes (American cloth tape - orange - 50mm x 25mt; American cloth tape - 50mm x 50mt), in packs of 6 rolls or customized. Discover the line in our dedicated section, and choose the tape that best suits your needs!

Discover the Best in Duct Tape Solutions

Welcome to Adhesivetapes, your go-to source for premium duct tape solutions that stand the test of time. As a division of the renowned ACIT srl based in Parma, we bring you over 40 years of expertise in the adhesive tape industry. Our duct tape range goes beyond the generic; offering unrivaled durability that far surpasses the competition. Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, our products provide genuine utility and efficacy.

Experience the gold standard in duct tape technology as we blend innovation with proven methods. Whether you require tapes for sealing, bonding, or even heavy-duty applications, you can rest assured knowing that we have what you need. From inception to delivery, our streamlined online service ensures you'll have your tape selection as promptly as possible, complete with a transparent draft project.

Here at Adhesivetapes, we do not just sell duct tape; we offer complete adhesive solutions tailored to your specific needs. With each purchase, you are not just buying a product but also a guarantee of quality, resistance, and a quick, professional online assistance service to make your purchasing journey smooth and efficient.

Elevate Your Choices with American Duct Tape

For those with specialized needs, our American duct tape range provides that extra bit of quality assurance and durability. Built to meet rigorous standards, this line is designed to tackle even the most demanding industrial challenges. From automotive repairs to heavy machinery maintenance, our American duct tape is a versatile and indispensable tool.

In addition to duct tape, we also offer an expansive range of double-sided tape, adhesive tapes, and double-sided adhesive tapes to accommodate various industrial requirements. By continually expanding our offerings, we aspire to be your one-stop-shop for all your adhesive needs.

Do not settle for less when you have the option of experiencing the best in duct tape quality. Take a moment to explore our comprehensive selection and find out how our products can help you achieve unparalleled results. Count on Adhesivetapes for reliable, robust, and cost-effective adhesive solutions.