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Duct Tape

Duct tape
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Showing 1-19 of 33 item(s)
Showing 1-19 of 33 item(s)

Duct Tape

Duct tape

High quality American duct tape in both plasticized and poly-coated canvas. Available with solvent-based adhesive and hotmelt. Used for sealing, repairing, packaging, masking and short-term protection. Ideal for heating and air conditioning systems, due to its extraordinary characteristics it has become indispensable in every environment and in every activity, because it solves every need in an effective, safe and lasting way. Excellent product that can be used in extreme situations such as construction sites, underground pipes, packaging. The tape has a high adhesive strength on rough surfaces, and if necessary it can also be cut with your hands and can be applied in a few minutes.

American duct tape

It has a higher mechanical resistance than traditional tapes, high adhesiveness on any surface, impermeability, softness and conformability, resistance to temperatures (from -20 to + 85 ° C) and to atmospheric factors (does not dry out). This tape is ideal for both temporary makeshift repairs and permanent fixes. It is useful for binding, edging, reinforcing, protecting. Impervious to water and oils, and is also resistant to atmospheric agents. Available, in our dedicated section, in different colors and sizes (American cloth tape - orange - 50mm x 25mt; American cloth tape - 50mm x 50mt), in packs of 6 rolls or customized. Discover the line in our dedicated section, and choose the tape that best suits your needs!