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3M Industrial Cleaner

Ref. 7100178338

3M Industrial Cleaner is ideal for helping dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar, and many non-curing type adhesives.

It cleans without leaving streaks and is excellent to prepare the surface for applications with adhesives.

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Product description

Even if this multipurpose cleaner is suitable for industrial use, it is also safe enough for everyday projects. The 3M Industrial Cleaner soften and remove  dirt, grease and tar. It is a citrus oil based cleaner  that  carries out an emulsifer action when it is used with water and  it contains no petroleum distillates. You can use this highly effective cleaner to clean and degrease metal parts, motors, tools, printing presses, concrete, or almost any dirty or greasy surface. It cleans and removes heavy oils, grease, silicone, tar, paraffinic materials such as and wax, labels, stickers, dirt, marker graffiti, gum and other soil and contaminants from a variety of substrates.. After using this heavy-duty cleaner, just wipe away with a shop towel. You can utilize  this cleaner for many maintenance and cleaning processes. 

  • Removes dirt, grease and adhesive residues on adhesive tape from many surfaces
  • Removes tar from cover material
  • Delicate scent of citrus
  • Removes dirt, grease, ink and most adhesives without agressive chemical substances and without long hours of driving

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