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Spray Adhesive

Spray Adhesive
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Spray Adhesive

Spray Adhesive

You can choose from the wide range of spray adhesives selected by A.C.I.T. that are suitable for many needs and applications. With spray adhesives, you can apply the adhesive quickly and evenly, without affecting the colour or the appearence of the surface.

The perfect solution for DIY projects, handicrafts and applications on metals, wood and foam! In the dedicated category you can find our selection of spray adhesives, carefully chosen by the best producers.

Discover the Power of Premium Spray Adhesive

Experience the unmatched adhesion and durability with our meticulously engineered Spray Adhesive. At Adhesivetapes, we pride ourselves on offering a product range that not only performs exceedingly well but also lasts longer than conventional options in the market. As a division of the historic ACIT srl based in Parma, our 40-year legacy has always been about providing the highest quality of Double Sided Adhesive Tapes and other adhesive solutions.

Each canister of our Spray Adhesive is crafted for optimal performance across a multitude of industrial applications. Our adhesive sprays are formulated to meet your specific needs, ensuring not just strong bonds but also quick-drying features. Discover why our Adhesive Tapes have been the choice of professionals across various industries.

Choosing the right Spray Adhesive is no longer a tedious task. Adhesivetapes offers you a selection that caters to diverse industrial requirements, from adhering lightweight materials to bonding heavy-duty surfaces. When you require optimal sticking without compromising on quality, look no further than our line of Double Sided Tapes.

Why Choose Our Spray Glue Products?

Our Spray Glue is more than just a temporary adhesive. This versatile product is a staple in the realm of industrial adhesives, offering you the best in both quality and performance. Like our Double Sided Adhesive Tapes, our spray glues are designed for long-lasting applications.

Commitment to quality is what separates our Spray Adhesive from other adhesive products. We know you require reliable solutions, and that's what we deliver. For fast and effective results, choose Adhesivetapes—the preferred choice for Double Sided Tapes and more.

What sets our Spray Adhesive apart is its formulated blend of ingredients, carefully chosen to provide you with the highest adhesive quality possible. Once you experience the high-performance capabilities of our product range, you’ll understand why Adhesivetapes is a market leader in Adhesive Tapes.