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    3M adhesive

    3M's science is at the heart of what the brand achieves for innovative discoveries that improve, simplify and enrich people's lives, in every corner of the world.

    A leader in companies that employ science to create extraordinary solutions 3M works with different customers to meet the needs of most people.

    Founded in 1902 in Minnesota, today 3M is present all over the world with excellence in the health, industry, electronics, energy, safety, graphics, oil & gas, automotive, transport, design and consumption sectors.

    3M translates science into solutions to improve everyday life. 46 technological platforms where the team of scientists and researchers collaborates with customers to create innovative solutions.

    In Italy, 3M has a consolidated presence in over 60 years of activity: an eco-sustainable headquarters in Pioltello-Milan, a Distribution Center in Carpiano, production units in Grassobbio, Marcallo con Casone, with a certified laboratory in the electrical sector, and a headquarters in Rome in the Odescalchi palace.

    In 2015, an Innovation Center and six Customer Technical Centers were created (four in the headquarters and two at the Distribution Center in Carpiano, near Milan) dedicated to 3M customers, audiences and partners to test the products and technologies organized in multimedia environments.

    From industry to safety and personal care, from transport to energy management: 3M is close to every person and in every company with continuous innovations.

    3M double sided tape

    In our dedicated section there are many 3M products, such as:

    • 3M Abrasives: Ideal for medium and high pressure applications such as weld removal, beveling and other applications. You will find a 3M sanding belt, disc or wheel to increase productivity and safety in many applications.

    3M adhesive tapes offer constant thickness and size fixing. They offer immediate adhesion and resistance to facilitate assembly. Both are available in different shapes, to offer flexibility in design and production. Tapes and adhesives offer a lot of strength to meet different substrate and design needs.

    • 3M offers a wide range of CE approved disposable respirators. FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, whatever your need, you will find the disposable respirator in our online store.

    3M double-sided tapes are thin but can bond different substrates and keep the overall thickness of the object as thin as possible. These products are of low thickness and can bond foams and fabrics, adapt to uneven surfaces and for some, be transparent in color to apply them on displays or graphic applications.

    All this and much more are now available on the ACIT online site.

  • ACIT



    Since 40 years the ACIT company offers the Best Adhesive Tapes for your needs and produces adhesive tapes, adhesive labels, pricing machines.

    ACIT employees are always available to solve any problem and to find solutions.

    On Adhesivetapes you can find personalized adhesive tapes, tested by experts, to be sure to offer you only the best, at good prices.

    You can find the best only in our dedicated catalog: in PVC, in PPL or in paper.

    A.C.I.T. offers a wide range of customized adhesive tapes, printed adhesive tapes, customized packaging tape, with 1, 2, 3 color or four-color printing.

    The quality of the adhesive tapes used (PVC and PPL) and the print quality are always excellent.

    Our flexibility allows us to custom made tapes from a minimum order of 72 rolls in the size 66mt x 50mm.

    ACIT adhesives

    The personalized adhesive tapes of A.C.I.T. offer different solutions for many industrial uses.

    Our range is for multiple application sectors for user needs.

    Duct tape is a stationery product that cannot be missing in offices and warehouses.

    In this section ACIT Adhesive Tapes offers a wide range of scotch, double-sided and adhesive tapes of its ACIT brand.

    All the products included in the dedicated section are sold at the most affordable prices on the market and made with the best materials.

    All solutions have excellent print quality.

    Choose the material that's right for you and print it easily - you'll get a great value effect!

    Visit our catalog and discover the assortment of adhesive tapes for the office, packaging tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, paper tapes, cloth adhesive tapes, anti-slip tapes, blisters, PPL tapes and much more.

    See our dedicated section and choose the product only on Adhesive Tapes.

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  • Boma



    BO.MA was born in Villesse (GO) in the North East of Italy, as a company specialized in double-sided adhesive production with Hot-Melt technology.

    The company develops the Emulsion coating technology and with the introduction of the Solvent coating technology, BOMA offers a complete range of products for industrial applications.

    The company is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.

    A pilot plant is created for the coating of double-sided adhesive tapes and the BO.MA GRAPHICS division is born with mono-adhesive vinyl products for visual communication.

    The production plants are expanded by a new logistics center and a new research laboratory, for a total covered area of ​​10,000 square meters.

    In 2015 BO.MA adopts a latest generation software (ERP) to manage all production, logistics and commercial activities in an integrated manner.

    Then with the expansion of the company area of ​​15,000 square meters of which 3,500 square meters are covered, new cutting and packaging machines are acquired for the production of rolls and logs.

    Boma adhesive tapes

    BO.MA is an Italian reality of double-sided adhesive tapes.

    Always specialized in this sector, it has gained decades of experience both within large international groups and as an independent company, distinguishing itself for its high technical content and the ability to develop original and customized solutions.

    Today BO.MA products are widespread and appreciated in 50 countries, thanks to their quality, high innovation content and flexibility of use, on different surfaces and in multiple environmental and use situations.

    BO.MA is a world where in every company and every home, there are people aware that Boma adhesive tapes offer excellent solutions for gluing and fixing: effective, innovative and economical to meet any needs.

    The brand offers a range of double-sided adhesives in evolution and expansion, with over 100 types of tapes with hot melt, solvent based or water based adhesives, for many uses: from industrial uses, such as automotive, nautical, paper converting, packaging , the creation of photovoltaic panels, furniture, refrigeration systems, and homemade (DIY).


    BO.MA also offers a choice of single-adhesive vinyl products for visual communication, digital printing, vehicle customization and interior design.

    The BO.MA production process takes place in two factories, for a total of about 24,000 square meters located in Villesse (GO), in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, directly near the main international communication routes.

    The BO.MA double-sided tapes, all rigorously Made in Italy, are aimed at both the Italian market and the European and international one.


    BO.MA is present in 46 countries around the world and in addition to the products it offers commercial service, always carried out with professionalism, punctuality and the will to satisfy every need of its interlocutors.

    BO.MA is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its business organization, to guarantee customers total quality: from raw materials, to processes, to services.


    BO.MA products are also subjected to specific tests to verify their performance, in line with the quality and safety certifications required by the various international standards.

    For these reasons on AdhesiveTapes it is possible to find many BO.MA brand products to satisfy any type of needs!

  • Comet


    Comet adhesive tape

    The ancient Italian brand Comet has been producing stationery items for some time.

    In 1953 the company was founded by engineer Giuseppe Mascetti who launched the brand with his business partners.

    Production was started at the Comet plant in Concagno, near Milan.

    In the 1970s, Comet became the leading Comet adhesive tape brand in Italy.

    In 1990, Beiersdorf acquired both the brand and the company.

    Comet adhesive tapes

    In 2001, however, Comet was transformed into a Tesa company.

    However, Comet continued to be present on the Italian market.

    The brand kept the same look for nearly 20 years, until it was relaunched in 2006.

    The relaunch brought a new design, high quality packaging and the introduction of a new range of double-sided adhesive tapes.

    The Comet company produces various types of products, including:

    • The high-quality packaging adhesive tape with PVC backing and natural rubber adhesive mass. This feature ensures a secure closure of the packages and a silent unwinding. It is an extremely versatile belt, ideal for universal applications and transport of even heavy boxes and cartons. It guarantees perfect adhesion on any type of surface, can be cut with the hands, has a high resistance to traction and temperatures up to 70 ° and is effective even at low temperatures. Format: 50 mm x 66 mt.

    • Comet cellophane adhesive tape is transparent and of high quality, produced entirely in Italy and respectful of the environment. It is composed of cellulose hydrate with a solvent-free synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive, and therefore biodegradable. Thanks to these peculiar characteristics it is suitable for the most varied uses such as domestic, school, office and industry. It cuts with your hands and has excellent tensile strength. Easy and precise execution.

    • Comet 64621 double-sided tape has a transparent polypropylene film backing and hot-melt adhesive. It is suitable for universal use on small and large surfaces. Silicon paper protection, solvent free, transparent color, excellent initial adhesion (TACK), high resistance to temperatures up to 80 ° for a short time and up to 40 ° for a long time.

    These and many other articles are now available in our dedicated section on Comet AdhesiveTapes.

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  • Monta


    Monta products

    Monta produces quality products with customer services and support.

    Since 2011, the company has been producing, with great success, products of the highest quality of performance.

    There are two forces that represent the basis of the company: adhesion and cohesion.

    By adhesion we mean the adhesion of the layers of glue to the surfaces.

    This adhesion is given by forces of attraction, also called adhesion forces or intermolecular forces.

    These forces act on the boundary surfaces between the same or different materials up to a distance of 10 - 5 mm.

    The more intense the contact between these surfaces, the stronger the adhesion.

    Surfaces that appear smooth to the eye actually have many irregularities when viewed under a microscope, and these voids are filled by the adhesive mass. In this way, the effective contact surface between the two elements increases, maximizing adhesion.

    Monta adhesive

    Cohesion is the internal strength of the glue.

    The forces that determine the cohesion of the adhesive make the union resistant to stress.

    The cohesive forces determine the resistance of the hardened glue, especially to static stress.

    Cohesion and adhesion are related to each other: in general the rule of thumb applies that, the harder the adhesive mass, the higher the cohesion and the lower the adhesion.

    The cohesion and adhesion of a glue can be changed by varying the composition of the glue, thus giving rise to soft and rigid glues.

    For this reason Monta products guarantees the adhesive tapes significant peeling and shearing forces.

    The peeling forces act on the gluing at an angle> 0 ° and describe the resistance opposed by the adhesive tape to manual removal.

    The shear forces are a measure of the load that can be applied to the joint parallel to the direction of application of the adhesive tape. In the case of adhesive tape, they are responsible for the good closure of the cardboard flaps in the presence of static and dynamic loads.

    In addition, Monta adhesive has designed a line of products to better protect our climate and our environment.

    With the new line of Green eco-friendly adhesive products by Monta, it is possible to find articles that are predominantly based on eco-sustainable components: the support is made of renewable or recyclable materials and the adhesive mass is based on natural rubber.

    The mandrel for all current and future articles of the Green line is made of recycled paper, cartons and labels are FSC certified and therefore 100% eco-sustainable. The range of eco-sustainable Monta products is set to grow steadily and can be easily identified by its Green logo.

    Come and discover the entire range of Monta products present in our AdhesiveTapes online store at the best prices on the web!

  • Nitto



    Nitto Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1918 in Ohsaki (Tokyo) to produce materials for electrical insulation in Japan.

    Then began the production of enamels for electrical insulation and black insulating tape, until the opening of the branches in Osaka and Tokyo in 1949.

    After Nitto begins the production of anti-corrosion tapes, the first plastic tapes, products for electrical insulation and the Suita plant starts the activity.

    In 1961 the first foreign branch opens in New York and after Nitto made products in PTFE (NITOFLON), vinyl sheets for surface protection (SPV), FRP electrical insulation products, double-sided adhesive tapes and adhesive sheets. for medical use.

    In 1968 Nitto Denko America, Inc. (now called Nitto, Inc.) was born and a year later Nitto Denko Taiwan: the first production base abroad.

    In 1974 in Belgium, Nitto Belgium N.V. starts the production of high polymer content separation membranes.

    Nitto adhesive tape

    In 1988 the company celebrated its 70th anniversary and changed his name to Nitto Denko Corp. to begin the production of retardant films for liquid crystal displays (NRF).

    A few years later Nitto produces protective films for painted surfaces of cars.

    The company has received prestigious awards, including the 46th ""Environment Award"" for double-sided adhesive tape free of organic solvents.

    Nitto Group is looking for products, systems and ideas to provide customers' safety, prosperity, comfort and well-being.

    The Nitto brand products are divided into different categories, including:

    • Masking Tape: With general purpose crepe paper, coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive, designed for a wide range of common room temperature sealing and masking applications. The adhesive removes without leaving any residue.

    • Double-sided adhesive tape in non-woven fabric: with modified acrylic adhesive and white silicone paper liner. Designed for fixing license plates, metal sheets, plastic plates, foam materials and templates, mainly used on home appliances, automotive, automation equipment and consumer electronics tools.

    • Structural tape: Double-sided tape equipped with a polyester backing, coated with a powerful acrylic adhesive used for mounting various types of plastic.

    This tape is suitable for bonding rough surfaces, so it can also be used with metals. The Nitto D5320 series is used for long-term continuous mounting applications on a variety of decorative strips in the furniture industry (trim mounting) and for led strips in the lighting world. It holds an average of + 20% compared to similar competing products, conceived by Nitto Denko, a Japanese multinational with a turnover of 7 billion USD that it produces for itself, having an equity stake in Toshiba, known for its blue conductive films for white and transparent ones for liquid crystal displays and touch panels, as well as for reverse osmosis membranes.

    These and many more are the Nitto adhesive tape brand products now present in our dedicated catalog.

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  • Sato


    Sato machine label

    SATO was founded in 1940 to develop, manufacture and sell bamboo, rattan and palm wood processing machines.

    Throughout its history, the company has always had as its primary objective the improvement of worker efficiency.


    In 1962 the founder of SATO, Yo Sato machine label, invents a manual labeller.

    After that, the company became a pioneer in the pricing sector, opening new markets following the worldwide success of the labeller.

    In 1964 SATO began producing labeling machines independently, going beyond its origins as a machine builder and laying the foundations for a supply business.

    With the emergence of POS systems in 1970, SATO develops new models of manual labellers compatible with optical character recognition (OCR) and barcodes.

    In 1981, with the invention of the first thermal transfer printer for JAN / UPC / EAN POS systems, the company established itself as a leading manufacturer of in-store labeling solutions.

    Sato labels

    Since then, product management with barcode based applications has spread widely across industries, such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, food processing and healthcare.

    At the same time, the use of 2D codes has emerged, which allow users to enter a lot of information in a limited space and which are now used by consumers to obtain information using mobile phones.

    In recent years, RFID technology, which communicates and reads information using airwaves, has attracted a lot of attention and has made rapid progress as an advanced authentication method.

    SATO has been able to exploit the experience gained in the field of automatic identification with barcodes and 2D codes to develop the first RFID printer in Japan, in 2003.

    It currently operates globally in partnership with Japanese and international companies, contributing to the worldwide development of automatic identification systems.

    SATO is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of a broad range of label solutions.

    With a portfolio of simple labels and full colors, SATO offers products with customized formats, adhesives and support materials to suit a variety of printing requirements.

    SATO labels are made from the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance and efficient design, ensuring excellent results and print consistency.

    The company is a leader in automatic identification and labeling solutions and is recognized for the high reliability and high performance of its products: from supply to installation, from consumables to maintenance.

    The brand offers thermal labels, thermal transfer and synthetic material labels, specially designed to integrate with the functions of SATO printers, and produces a line of self-adhesive Sato labels suitable for a wide range of market applications.

    Come and discover our dedicated catalog on AdhesiveTapes and choose the SATO brand product you were looking for.

  • Scapa



    Leader in Europe with over 50 years of experience in the electrotechnical sector regarding the production of plasticized PVC adhesive tapes.

    Scapa offers a wide range of both standard and professional items from the electrical, automotive, construction and agricultural sectors, in different sizes and colors.

    The range of Scapa products are of the quality of the adhesive tapes of the brand.

    Manufacturer of specialized technical Scapa adhesive tapes and foams for almost all industries.

    The brand produces multiple components: from highly specialized technical solutions to standard product ranges.

    Scapa adhesive

    Scapa offers a full range of special solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as:

    • Healthcare market

    • Transportation

    • Electronics

    • Industrial assembly

    Thanks to our know-how at AdhesiveTapes, we are able to offer you a wide range of Scapa brand products.

    Scapa adhesive tapes in acetate and glass fiber fabric, polyester film, polyamide and impregnated paper, are produced in compliance with environmental regulations, without using lead, water-based primers and organic pigments.

    Designed without chlorides and sulfides, they prevent chemical corrosion of copper electrical cables.

    UL approved and resistant to the most common resins, solvents and paints and ISO9001 and TS16949 certified.

    Among the products available in our dedicated catalog you can find:

    The Scapa 2721 PVC adhesive tape is ideal as a floor marker for very busy areas.

    It has a thickness of just 160 microns (0.16mm) and is very durable.

    The ribbon is available in various colors that can be used as practical guidelines that direct the audience to the desired destination.

    Also useful for delimiting playgrounds on wood and concrete.

    The product is RoHS compliant (no heavy metals) and is the best flooring tape on the market to be applied to a clean and dry surface.

    You can find this and many other products now on AdhesiveTapes at the most advantageous prices on the web.

    Come and discover them all and choose the article you have been looking for for some time!

  • TESA