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List of products by brand ACIT


Since 40 years the ACIT company offers the Best Adhesive Tapes for your needs and produces adhesive tapes, adhesive labels, pricing machines.

ACIT employees are always available to solve any problem and to find solutions.

On Adhesivetapes you can find personalized adhesive tapes, tested by experts, to be sure to offer you only the best, at good prices.

You can find the best only in our dedicated catalog: in PVC, in PPL or in paper.

A.C.I.T. offers a wide range of customized adhesive tapes, printed adhesive tapes, customized packaging tape, with 1, 2, 3 color or four-color printing.

The quality of the adhesive tapes used (PVC and PPL) and the print quality are always excellent.

Our flexibility allows us to custom made tapes from a minimum order of 72 rolls in the size 66mt x 50mm.

ACIT adhesives

The personalized adhesive tapes of A.C.I.T. offer different solutions for many industrial uses.

Our range is for multiple application sectors for user needs.

Duct tape is a stationery product that cannot be missing in offices and warehouses.

In this section ACIT Adhesive Tapes offers a wide range of scotch, double-sided and adhesive tapes of its ACIT brand.

All the products included in the dedicated section are sold at the most affordable prices on the market and made with the best materials.

All solutions have excellent print quality.

Choose the material that's right for you and print it easily - you'll get a great value effect!

Visit our catalog and discover the assortment of adhesive tapes for the office, packaging tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, paper tapes, cloth adhesive tapes, anti-slip tapes, blisters, PPL tapes and much more.

See our dedicated section and choose the product only on Adhesive Tapes.

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Showing 1-59 of 92 item(s)