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Masking Paper Tapes - 60°C. heat resistant

Construction adhesive tape - 60° C heat resistance
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Showing 1-19 of 26 item(s)
Showing 1-19 of 26 item(s)

Masking Paper Tapes - 60°C. heat resistant

Construction adhesive tape

Masking tape ideal for body work, painting, construction and interior surface masking. Adhesive tapes made of high quality paper for masking up to 60° C. This semi-creased adhesive paper tape for painter and body shop is suitable for applications up to 60 degrees. The natural glue and solvent based adhesive, makes the masking tape ideal for do-it-yourself jobs as well.

The natural adhesive of this tape does not attack the surface to which it is applied and leaves no residue within a week of application.

A.C.I.T. paper masking tapes offer different solutions for many industrial uses. They can be cut by hand without difficulty.

Construction masking tape

Paper masking tapes, the best you can find only in our dedicated catalog. They are available in different sizes, such as: 38mm x 50mt, 50mm x 50mt, 250mm x 50mt and many other sizes.

High quality paper with solvent adhesive completely removable."