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Double sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes

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Showing 1-59 of 450 item(s)
Showing 1-59 of 450 item(s)

Double sided adhesive tapes

Double sided tape

double sided tape The double-sided tapes A.C.I.T. offer different solutions for many industrial uses. Our products can be used for many jobs.

A.C.I.T. offers solutions to increase productivity and evaluate the best product.
At home or in the office, double-sided tape is one of the most important products that must be present to be ready for any eventuality.
In our e-commerce you will find many choices: double-sided tapes of many different brands.

Strong double sided tape

For us, quality is essential to promise resistance over time.Our double-sided adhesive tapes are tested by our experts to offer you only the best! In our online store you can find double-sided adhesive tapes for carpets, in sheets or in blisters.
Many people come to us to find double-sided office tapes. Why? Because we offer quality's products at competitive prices.

Discover High-Quality Double Sided Tape from Adhesivetapes

Welcome to the Adhesivetapes collection of premium double sided tapes, a product line that embodies over 40 years of expertise by ACIT srl, our parent company based in Parma. Crafted for both industrial and packaging applications, our double sided adhesive tapes provide unparalleled strength and durability, outclassing generic tapes found elsewhere.

When you choose Adhesivetapes, you are choosing excellence. Our double sided tape solutions offer various industrial applications, ranging from heavy-duty bonding to precise fixations. From the moment you place your order, our swift online assistance ensures you receive a prompt project draft, followed by rapid production and delivery.

Not all adhesive tapes are created equal. Our double sided adhesive tapes set new industry benchmarks in terms of quality and reliability. As a testament to our commitment, our range of tapes is specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of our diverse customer base.

Experience the Strength of Our Strong Double Sided Tape

For tasks that require additional fortitude, we present our range of strong double sided tape. Infused with superior bonding agents, these tapes deliver heightened sticking prowess that is ideally suited for challenging industrial applications.

Incorporating the finest materials, our double sided tape portfolio addresses various sector-specific needs without compromising on quality. When it comes to adhesive solutions, you can always count on Adhesivetapes to offer a product that marries performance with resilience.

As industry pioneers, we at Adhesivetapes understand the value of building lasting relationships. That's why our double sided tapes not only meet but often exceed industry standards. Join us on this journey towards unparalleled adhesive excellence.