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Double sided tapes blisterd

Adhesive tapes in blister packs
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Showing 1-14 of 14 item(s)
Showing 1-14 of 14 item(s)

Double sided tapes blisterd

Adhesive tapes in blister packs

Double-sided adhesive tapes individually packaged in blister packs, practical to use on displays. A.C.I.T.'s blister tapes are useful for many fastenings, without the use of nails or screws. Resistant to humidity and temperature changes, they are necessary for the fastenings of hooks, pictures, posters, plastic cable trays, calendars, plaques, friezes, decorations, signs and many other things. Suitable for smooth or painted surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glass, metal, wood and many other plastic materials.

Double-sided adhesive Blister

On Adhesivetapes you can find double-sided adhesive tapes in blister packs, such as: Super Strong Transparent Thin Tape 1.5m x 19mm, Thin Transparent Tape 10m x 15mm, Double Sided Transparent Tape 10x12 and many others. Every day workers use these products for their needs, their techniques and their habits. Each blister has a reference size: small, medium or large, but all of them will guarantee optimal performance!

Adhesive Tapes in Blister Packs: Superior Bonding Solutions from ACIT

As a pioneering brand in the adhesive industry, Adhesivetapes by ACIT srl brings over 40 years of expertise to the table. Our adhesive tapes in blister packs exemplify unmatched quality, offering durability that significantly surpasses standard tapes found in the market. When you choose our products, you also opt for excellence, prompt online assistance, and custom solutions for diverse industrial applications.

Our adhesive tapes are not just tools but solutions engineered for performance. Each blister pack contains meticulously crafted tapes that serve a myriad of industrial applications. From manufacturing to packaging, we are the go-to choice for professionals seeking unparalleled adhesive strength.

Discover the art of bonding with our adhesive tapes in blister packs. Manufactured in the heart of Parma by ACIT srl, these products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure optimal adhesive performance. Furthermore, our fast online service ensures your needs are met quickly, making us the ideal partner for your industrial projects.

Double-sided Adhesive Blister Packs: The Ultimate in Versatility

Experience the next level of adhesive technology with our double-sided adhesive blister packs. These specialized tapes are perfect for applications requiring robust bonding on both sides. Be it for construction, packaging, or any other industrial use, our double-sided adhesive tapes are the epitome of flexibility and efficiency.

When it comes to double sided tapes, Adhesivetapes by ACIT srl is the definitive source for premium products. Our blister packs make it convenient and efficient to manage your adhesive needs, allowing for extended shelf life and easier inventory management.

As a trusted brand with deep roots in Parma, ACIT srl's Adhesivetapes promises unparalleled quality and prompt delivery. Upon project approval, your orders are fast-tracked to ensure the quickest possible arrival, solidifying our reputation as the leading supplier of double-sided adhesive tapes.