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Adhesive tapes eco friendly

Eco friendly adhesive tape
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Adhesive tapes eco friendly

ACIT offers a wide range of environmentally friendly adhesives.

These are products made of biodegradable or compostable materials such as: PAPER - PLA (polylactic acid) and with NATURAL RUBBER ADHESIVES.

Available products both neutral and printed and customized at the request of the customer.

Eco friendly adhesive tape

Ecological adhesive tapes by A.C.I.T. offer adhesive performance and sustainable production that are not mutually exclusive: these ecological products are made from recycled materials and biological resources, while the adhesive parts do not contain solvents or bleaching agents.

In this category of our e-commerce dedicated to ecological adhesive tapes we present you products from many different brands, carefully selected, and of many different types: sustainable without sacrificing the usual quality.

Eco friendly masking tape

With our ecological adhesive tapes you can lay the foundations for an exceptional result while protecting the environment without having to compromise on adhesive performance or comfort.

Our wide range of products meets a wide variety of needs: adhesive performance optimized for their purpose, ease of use and the ability to remove them easily.

In our dedicated section you will find some of the following products: Ecological Transparent Adhesive Tape Monta Biopack 860, Ecological Transparent Adhesive Tape Monta Biopack 860 - 80 mt x 12 mm and many others.

Hurry up, and discover the wide range of products best suited to you!"