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Monta Biopack 860 transparent eco adhesive tape - 12 mm x 80 mt

Ref. Monta Biopack 860 80x12
EAN13 8051414983788

Completely environmentally friendly trasparent adhesive tape.

The tape is 12 mm wide,  so it is suitable for agriculture, viticulture and flower sector (support for growing seedlings, vines bindings and pruninings)

The backing is made with products of organic origin. 

The adhesive is entirely composed by natural rubber (caoutchouc) with high adhesiveness.

The product is in fact completely eco-friendly and suitable for industrial composting.


  • Eco-friendly certified: “OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL” TÜV Austria:it respects the standars  EN 13432, ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012)
  • Strong backing
  • Low stretching
  • Safe adhesion in every type of surface 
  • Hand-tearable
  • With a wide range of temperature resistance 
  • Easy undwinding

The price of the single roll changes according to the quantity. Larger quantities = lower price

Minimum order quantity: 36 Rolls


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Product description

Made by using bio-film and natural rubber adhesive paste with specific formulation, monta biopack is composed at 90% by renewable resources and it is suitable for industrial composting.

This adhesive tape allows a saving of material given that even only one layer guarantees a safe sealing cardboard.

monta biopack is suitable also for sealing films and packets, as well as for flower compositions or for packing garding scraps.

Eco and quick binding of the branches in the  vineyards and it is suitable also for grafts in agriculture.

Created for those who give value to the environmental sustainability.

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