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Double sided foam tape

Double sided foam tape
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Showing 1-59 of 72 item(s)
Showing 1-59 of 72 item(s)

Double sided foam tape

Double sided foam tape

double sided foam tape The double-sided adhesive tapes of A.C.I.T. they can be used to different solutions for many industrial applications. Made of soft and conformable foams, they are perfect for assembly works.Designed for attachment indoors as well as outdoors to reduce vibration or noise, they are often used for attaching name plates, signs, furniture or mirrors. In our e-commerce you can choose high thickness double-sided foam tapes from many different selected brands.

Adhesive foam tape

The best double sided high thickness foam tapes: white, coloredwith blue liner and many others.

Our tapes have a polyurethane foam backing and a rigid acrylic adhesive system. Polyurethane foams are soft and suitable for all types of assembly. The excellent resistance to low temperatures makes them perfect for applications in critical conditions.

Double Sided Foam Tape: The Apex of Adhesion and Versatility

When quality and performance are non-negotiable, Adhesivetapes brings you an unparalleled selection of double sided foam tape. Designed to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications, our tapes are the epitome of versatility and durability. Originating from the esteemed workshops of ACIT srl in Parma—a veteran in adhesive solutions for over 40 years—our double sided foam tape provides an elite bonding solution for an array of surfaces.

Our comprehensive assortment doesn't just stop at double sided foam tape; it extends to various types of adhesive tapes, encompassing both single-sided and double-sided options. Each meticulously crafted product in our inventory aligns with ACIT’s unwavering commitment to quality. Designed for a multitude of applications, from mounting to insulation, our double sided tapes stand leagues ahead of conventional tapes available in the market.

What sets our double sided adhesive tapes apart is the synergy of cutting-edge technology and time-tested craftsmanship. The prompt and agile online assistance guarantees that your project specifications are swiftly met. After a quick draft approval, our team wastes no time in expediting your order, ensuring that you receive our high-caliber double sided tapes at the earliest convenience.

Adhesive Foam Tape: Elevation of Adhesive Technologies

Adhesive foam tape, another jewel in our expansive catalog, is engineered to exceed your expectations in performance and utility. Often employed in sealing, cushioning, or dampening applications, our adhesive foam tapes complement the robustness of our double sided tapes. They offer solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industrial applications.

Increasing the interconnectivity within our offerings, we encourage you to explore our various categories, especially the distinguished collection of double sided foam tapes. Sourced directly from ACIT srl, a stalwart in the adhesive industry, these tapes are a symbol of reliability and high-performance.

For those in search of uncompromising quality and versatility, our double sided foam tape is the adhesive solution of choice. With Adhesivetapes, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a legacy of excellence that spans over four decades. Discover what makes us the trusted name in adhesive solutions today.