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Double sided foam tape

Double sided foam tape
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Showing 1-19 of 69 item(s)
Showing 1-19 of 69 item(s)

Double sided foam tape

Double sided foam tape

double sided foam tape The double-sided adhesive tapes of A.C.I.T. they can be used to different solutions for many industrial applications. Made of soft and conformable foams, they are perfect for assembly works.Designed for attachment indoors as well as outdoors to reduce vibration or noise, they are often used for attaching name plates, signs, furniture or mirrors. In our e-commerce you can choose high thickness double-sided foam tapes from many different selected brands.

Adhesive foam tape

The best double sided high thickness foam tapes: white, coloredwith blue liner and many others.

Our tapes have a polyurethane foam backing and a rigid acrylic adhesive system. Polyurethane foams are soft and suitable for all types of assembly. The excellent resistance to low temperatures makes them perfect for applications in critical conditions.