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Double sided tapes in sheets

Double sided tape sheets
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Showing 1-28 of 28 item(s)
Showing 1-28 of 28 item(s)

Double sided tapes in sheets

Double sided tape sheets

Sheets of double sided tape Excellent solution for silk-screen printing and other industrial uses. Permanent double-sided adhesive tapes in sheets guarantee exceptional contact on metal and plastic with a high surface energy. Excellent solvent resistance and strength. Smooth adhesive for a uniform graphic look. It is important to choose products that guarantee resistance and usability. The choice is wide.

Double-sided adhesive in sheets

For a perfect result it is not enough to have the best double-sided adhesive sheets - because quality products are an irreplaceable starting point for a good result. Our double-sided adhesive sheets are ideal for bonding many materials such as: wood, metals, glass, powder coated surfaces, fabrics and various plastics. The best double-sided adhesive sheets are only available in our special catalog of the ACIT and 3M brands. Each sheet double-sided tape has a reference size, but all of them will guarantee optimum performance! Click on one of the sections to choose the double-sided adhesive tapes in sheets suitable for your needs!

Discover Unparalleled Quality with Double Sided Tape Sheets

Welcome to Adhesivetapes, the e-commerce division of the esteemed ACIT srl, a historic Parma-based enterprise with over 40 years of expertise in the adhesive tape industry. If you're in search of high-caliber double sided tape sheets, look no further. Our products stand head and shoulders above the competition, delivering exceptional resistance and unparalleled functionality.

When it comes to reliability and durability, our double sided tape sheets are crafted to meet the unique demands of various industrial applications. We cater to a wide array of sectors, ensuring each tape is optimized to offer precisely what you require. With fast online support and quick project turnaround, we’re not just selling tape; we’re offering comprehensive adhesive solutions.

From the moment you request a project to the prompt delivery of your adhesive tapes, our service is seamless and expedited. At Adhesivetapes, every double sided tape sheet is a testament to our four-decade legacy in providing top-notch adhesive products. Benefit from our hard-earned expertise and make a choice that pays off in quality and durability.

Versatility Meets Functionality: Double-Sided Adhesive in Sheets

Our double-sided adhesive in sheets brings together cutting-edge technology with practical applicability. These adhesive sheets are an extension of our commitment to offering specialized solutions for a diverse range of industrial needs. Perfect for intricate jobs that require precision and strength, they're the go-to for professionals.

If your goal is to find adhesive products that can withstand rigorous conditions while offering exceptional versatility, our double sided tape sheets are the optimal choice. These tapes are part of a broad spectrum of adhesive solutions, including but not limited to, double sided tapes and adhesive tapes. We've engineered them to deliver on both counts—performance and reliability.

When we talk about double sided adhesive tapes, we mean a lineage of products steeped in the values of ACIT srl. Every tape, every sheet, encapsulates our 40 years of expertise and commitment to excellence. Choose Adhesivetapes for all your adhesive needs and experience the pinnacle of double sided tape technology.