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Masking tape - 100° C. heat resistance

Masking tape - 100° C. heat resistance
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Masking tape - 100° C. heat resistance

Masking tape

Masking Adhesive Paper Tapes resistant up to the maximum temperature of 100° C. by A.C.I.T. offer high quality paper tapes with fully removable solvent adhesive to paint walls the right way, it is extremely important to apply tape to the edges and protect floors and furniture properly.

You can create well-defined painting edges with the right tape, and you can safeguard areas from annoying paint splatters with the correct covering solution. Whether you want to paint a wall white or express your creativity with various colors and shapes, we have the masking tape for you.

Best masking tape for painting

Our wide range of products caters to a variety of needs. While they may differ from each other, these masking solutions share a couple of features: adhesive performance optimized for their purpose, ease of use, and the ability to remove them without leaving a trace.

Paper masking tapes, the best ones you can find only in our dedicated catalog: Masking Tape 100°C. 25mm x 50mt, Masking Tape 100 ° C. 150mm x 50mt, Masking and Painting Tape Fine Line Tesa - 66mt x 9mm and many more.

In our online store of masking adhesive paper tapes are regularly supplied both individuals and professionals. So discover all our wide range of quality products with highly competitive prices.