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Double sided adhesive tape for carpeting - permanent

Permanent double-sided carpet adhesive tape
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Double sided adhesive tape for carpeting - permanent

Carpet adhesive tape

A.C.I.T.'s permanent double-sided carpet tapes offer a quick and easy solution to all types of carpet and PVC floors. Double-sided adhesives stick to all types of carpet backing in textile, foam, felt, fleece or PVC material, at A.C.I.T. you will always find the right solution for your needs. The permanent carpet's adhesives offer an extra strong resistance. The tapes can also be used with underfloor heating and moisture spaces.

Double sided adhesive carpet tape

In our dedicated catalog you will find double-sided tape for carpet or linoleum or gauze. The permanent double-sided carpet tapes are available in our dedicated section for all types of carpets and PVC floors and for the permanent fixing of various other materials. Visit and discover our catalog to choose the product that best for you!

Premium Carpet Adhesive Tape for Industrial and Commercial Use

Welcome to Adhesivetapes, where we proudly offer unparalleled quality in carpet adhesive tape solutions. For over 40 years, our parent company ACIT srl has been a stalwart in the industry, specializing in adhesive technologies that transcend typical market standards. Our carpet adhesive tapes are designed with utmost precision, serving a plethora of industrial applications.

Sourcing the best materials, we deliver high-performing carpet adhesive tape that not only adheres effectively but is also built to last. We understand that every project has unique requirements; hence, our selection aims to meet a wide array of adhesive needs. Rest assured, our product range is expertly curated to offer reliability and versatility.

Our online customer assistance is second to none. From your initial inquiry to project draft approval, our agile workflow ensures that your adhesive solutions are expedited without compromising quality. Choose Adhesivetapes for carpet adhesive tape that embodies resilience and efficiency.

Double Sided Adhesive Carpet Tape for Maximum Adherence

Diversify your industrial applications with our double-sided adhesive carpet tape. Specifically designed to offer twice the sticking power, these tapes are ideal for rigorous, high-stress environments. From the production line to packaging, double-sided tapes serve as a versatile adhesive tool for an array of applications.

Incorporating the industry's best practices, our double-sided adhesive carpet tape ensures an optimal balance of stickiness and ease of removal. These products exemplify the high standards that have been synonymous with ACIT srl and Adhesivetapes for over four decades.

For those in search of double-sided tapes and adhesive tapes that promise longevity and robustness, look no further. With a focus on specialized industrial applications, we at Adhesivetapes are committed to delivering products that meet the nuanced demands of our clients.