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List of products by brand Scapa


Leader in Europe with over 50 years of experience in the electrotechnical sector regarding the production of plasticized PVC adhesive tapes.

Scapa offers a wide range of both standard and professional items from the electrical, automotive, construction and agricultural sectors, in different sizes and colors.

The range of Scapa products are of the quality of the adhesive tapes of the brand.

Manufacturer of specialized technical Scapa adhesive tapes and foams for almost all industries.

The brand produces multiple components: from highly specialized technical solutions to standard product ranges.

Scapa adhesive

Scapa offers a full range of special solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as:

• Healthcare market

• Transportation

• Electronics

• Industrial assembly

Thanks to our know-how at AdhesiveTapes, we are able to offer you a wide range of Scapa brand products.

Scapa adhesive tapes in acetate and glass fiber fabric, polyester film, polyamide and impregnated paper, are produced in compliance with environmental regulations, without using lead, water-based primers and organic pigments.

Designed without chlorides and sulfides, they prevent chemical corrosion of copper electrical cables.

UL approved and resistant to the most common resins, solvents and paints and ISO9001 and TS16949 certified.

Among the products available in our dedicated catalog you can find:

The Scapa 2721 PVC adhesive tape is ideal as a floor marker for very busy areas.

It has a thickness of just 160 microns (0.16mm) and is very durable.

The ribbon is available in various colors that can be used as practical guidelines that direct the audience to the desired destination.

Also useful for delimiting playgrounds on wood and concrete.

The product is RoHS compliant (no heavy metals) and is the best flooring tape on the market to be applied to a clean and dry surface.

You can find this and many other products now on AdhesiveTapes at the most advantageous prices on the web.

Come and discover them all and choose the article you have been looking for for some time!

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