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List of products by brand Comet

Comet adhesive tape

The ancient Italian brand Comet has been producing stationery items for some time.

In 1953 the company was founded by engineer Giuseppe Mascetti who launched the brand with his business partners.

Production was started at the Comet plant in Concagno, near Milan.

In the 1970s, Comet became the leading Comet adhesive tape brand in Italy.

In 1990, Beiersdorf acquired both the brand and the company.

Comet adhesive tapes

In 2001, however, Comet was transformed into a Tesa company.

However, Comet continued to be present on the Italian market.

The brand kept the same look for nearly 20 years, until it was relaunched in 2006.

The relaunch brought a new design, high quality packaging and the introduction of a new range of double-sided adhesive tapes.

The Comet company produces various types of products, including:

• The high-quality packaging adhesive tape with PVC backing and natural rubber adhesive mass. This feature ensures a secure closure of the packages and a silent unwinding. It is an extremely versatile belt, ideal for universal applications and transport of even heavy boxes and cartons. It guarantees perfect adhesion on any type of surface, can be cut with the hands, has a high resistance to traction and temperatures up to 70 ° and is effective even at low temperatures. Format: 50 mm x 66 mt.

• Comet cellophane adhesive tape is transparent and of high quality, produced entirely in Italy and respectful of the environment. It is composed of cellulose hydrate with a solvent-free synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive, and therefore biodegradable. Thanks to these peculiar characteristics it is suitable for the most varied uses such as domestic, school, office and industry. It cuts with your hands and has excellent tensile strength. Easy and precise execution.

• Comet 64621 double-sided tape has a transparent polypropylene film backing and hot-melt adhesive. It is suitable for universal use on small and large surfaces. Silicon paper protection, solvent free, transparent color, excellent initial adhesion (TACK), high resistance to temperatures up to 80 ° for a short time and up to 40 ° for a long time.

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