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List of products by brand Sato

Sato machine label

SATO was founded in 1940 to develop, manufacture and sell bamboo, rattan and palm wood processing machines.

Throughout its history, the company has always had as its primary objective the improvement of worker efficiency.


In 1962 the founder of SATO, Yo Sato machine label, invents a manual labeller.

After that, the company became a pioneer in the pricing sector, opening new markets following the worldwide success of the labeller.

In 1964 SATO began producing labeling machines independently, going beyond its origins as a machine builder and laying the foundations for a supply business.

With the emergence of POS systems in 1970, SATO develops new models of manual labellers compatible with optical character recognition (OCR) and barcodes.

In 1981, with the invention of the first thermal transfer printer for JAN / UPC / EAN POS systems, the company established itself as a leading manufacturer of in-store labeling solutions.

Sato labels

Since then, product management with barcode based applications has spread widely across industries, such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, food processing and healthcare.

At the same time, the use of 2D codes has emerged, which allow users to enter a lot of information in a limited space and which are now used by consumers to obtain information using mobile phones.

In recent years, RFID technology, which communicates and reads information using airwaves, has attracted a lot of attention and has made rapid progress as an advanced authentication method.

SATO has been able to exploit the experience gained in the field of automatic identification with barcodes and 2D codes to develop the first RFID printer in Japan, in 2003.

It currently operates globally in partnership with Japanese and international companies, contributing to the worldwide development of automatic identification systems.

SATO is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of a broad range of label solutions.

With a portfolio of simple labels and full colors, SATO offers products with customized formats, adhesives and support materials to suit a variety of printing requirements.

SATO labels are made from the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance and efficient design, ensuring excellent results and print consistency.

The company is a leader in automatic identification and labeling solutions and is recognized for the high reliability and high performance of its products: from supply to installation, from consumables to maintenance.

The brand offers thermal labels, thermal transfer and synthetic material labels, specially designed to integrate with the functions of SATO printers, and produces a line of self-adhesive Sato labels suitable for a wide range of market applications.

Come and discover our dedicated catalog on AdhesiveTapes and choose the SATO brand product you were looking for.

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