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List of products by brand TESA

Tesa adhesive

The line of TESA brand fastening products are diversified into different categories: for domestic and industrial applications.

The safe assembly and posting of objects in the home or office is one of the main areas of interest of the brand.

TESA's success story begins with the failed development of a double-sided adhesive patch.

Paul C. Beiersdorf, a pharmacist, was working on a patch when Dr. Oscar Troplowitz acquired the lab from the company founder in 1890.

The patch adhered tightly, but irritated the skin.

Troplowitz made a virtue of necessity and, in 1896, launched the first technical Tesa adhesive tape.

Today TESA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products and system solutions for industry, professional crafts and consumers.

In our assortment of Adhesive Tapes, you will find adhesive products for fixing and hanging objects of all kinds: for mounting, sticking / detaching tape, flooring tapes, adhesive hooks or adhesive pads - with us, you will surely find the most suitable adhesive solution for the your project!

Tesa double sided adhesive tape

The TESA success story is based not only on innovative ideas, quality and technological progress.

Responsibility towards people and the environment are also important factors. The goal is to protect ecological resources and to implement a social commitment to positively influence the society in which one lives.

All products excel thanks to the higher adhesive quality of TESA as well as thanks to their simple use, pursuing a common goal: to make your daily life easier!

Tesa professional adhesive tapes have been designed to meet various needs and requirements for work and not, always maintaining high quality standards.

On our Adhesive Tapes website you will find professional adhesive tapes of various types: specific anti-slip tapes for steps and critical surfaces, to prevent falls and slippage; fireproof aluminum strips, for repairing metal surfaces and ideal for gutters and radiators; the famous PowerBond Tesa double-sided adhesive tape with high strength, perfect for mounting and fixing objects on walls and floors; self-agglomerating silicone and PTFE plumbing tapes, ideal for hydraulic pipes and fittings; Tesapack tapes, for packaging and sealing; the famous Tesaflex insulating tape for electricians, ideal for electrical insulation in wiring; adhesive tapes for masking and surface protection work, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; tapes for signaling any danger areas and for marking floors or critical surfaces; and, finally, the very popular Extra Power Universal multipurpose cloth tape, in hand-tearable reinforced fabric.

What are you waiting for?

Come and discover all the TESA brand products available now in our Adhesive Tapes e-store and choose the one that best meets your needs!

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