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List of products by brand Monta

Monta products

Monta produces quality products with customer services and support.

Since 2011, the company has been producing, with great success, products of the highest quality of performance.

There are two forces that represent the basis of the company: adhesion and cohesion.

By adhesion we mean the adhesion of the layers of glue to the surfaces.

This adhesion is given by forces of attraction, also called adhesion forces or intermolecular forces.

These forces act on the boundary surfaces between the same or different materials up to a distance of 10 - 5 mm.

The more intense the contact between these surfaces, the stronger the adhesion.

Surfaces that appear smooth to the eye actually have many irregularities when viewed under a microscope, and these voids are filled by the adhesive mass. In this way, the effective contact surface between the two elements increases, maximizing adhesion.

Monta adhesive

Cohesion is the internal strength of the glue.

The forces that determine the cohesion of the adhesive make the union resistant to stress.

The cohesive forces determine the resistance of the hardened glue, especially to static stress.

Cohesion and adhesion are related to each other: in general the rule of thumb applies that, the harder the adhesive mass, the higher the cohesion and the lower the adhesion.

The cohesion and adhesion of a glue can be changed by varying the composition of the glue, thus giving rise to soft and rigid glues.

For this reason Monta products guarantees the adhesive tapes significant peeling and shearing forces.

The peeling forces act on the gluing at an angle> 0 ° and describe the resistance opposed by the adhesive tape to manual removal.

The shear forces are a measure of the load that can be applied to the joint parallel to the direction of application of the adhesive tape. In the case of adhesive tape, they are responsible for the good closure of the cardboard flaps in the presence of static and dynamic loads.

In addition, Monta adhesive has designed a line of products to better protect our climate and our environment.

With the new line of Green eco-friendly adhesive products by Monta, it is possible to find articles that are predominantly based on eco-sustainable components: the support is made of renewable or recyclable materials and the adhesive mass is based on natural rubber.

The mandrel for all current and future articles of the Green line is made of recycled paper, cartons and labels are FSC certified and therefore 100% eco-sustainable. The range of eco-sustainable Monta products is set to grow steadily and can be easily identified by its Green logo.

Come and discover the entire range of Monta products present in our AdhesiveTapes online store at the best prices on the web!

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