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3M Spray Adhesive 80

Ref. 7000116787

Neoprene contact adhesive  with spray adjustable in height. Product with good resistance to plasticizers and to heat. Suggested for:

  • metals
  • rubbers
  • vinyl material.

Temperature resistant from -30 C° to +92 C°.

Excellent and fast setting and drying.

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Product description

3M Spray adhesive 80 works in direct contact with the surface and it is high performance neoprene-based. It is the perfect solution for fixing materials in rubber or in backed vinyl. It guarantees also an exceptional resistance to plasticisers oils. This feature makes it perfect for the following applications:

·       Gluing all types of rubbers except EPDM

·       Gluing most of vinyl and leather backing 

·       Applications to help panels,reinforcements and metal platforms in stainless steel to adhere

·       Applications on  many plastics, laminated and wood products

·       Paint removal

Whit is liquid and not too much dense form, it fixes most rubber and vinyl and offers high tack and resistance to high temperatures. 3M Spray Adhesive 80 can be used for interal coating of hoods and it has very fast setting and drying.

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