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3M 465 EU Transfer tape - 25mm x 55m

Ref. 7000116594

3M 465 single-liner tape in reel is perfect for general-purpose use. It features high adhesive power and a easy-to-remove liner. Generally, this product is suitable to apply the adhesive on different materials, such as:

  • paper
  • fabric
  • glitters and frills
  • fixing photos and pattern books.

3M 465 EU double sided tape has not the backing and it works very well for gluing similar or dissimilar materials, such as

  • metals
  • paper of different weight
  • cardboards
  • high surface energy plastics
  • promotional items
  • light-weight metal laminae
  • plastic films
  • decorations and labels
  • pattern books preparation
  • fixing photos on albums

Dimensions:25mm x 55m - rolls per box: 36


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Product description

Single-liner transfer adhesive tape in reel as 3M 465 EU are perfect for a lot of applications in the industriy and graphic field. They feature a safe and strong adhesion on a wide range of materials. The lack of the inner backing makes this type of tapes particularly suitable when you need a great comformability. These tapes are available in different sizes, they have a good high temperature resistance and they are transparent. 

3M 465 EU double sided tape is perfect for general-purpose applications thanks to its transparent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and the liner in silicon paper. It is the ideal solution to apply the adhesive on all types of paper, fabric, photos, for use in advertising and patterns books. 

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