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3M 466LA Adhesive discs in roll 31.75 mm, NH, A5

Ref. 7000008786

The 3M Trizact Finesse-it 466LA film discs roll uses 3M microreplication technology: micron-graded silicon carbide particles are formed into tiny pyramids of abrasive mineral  then coated with a non-compressible polyester film backing.

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Product description

3M Trizact  abrasives start sharp and stay sharp, resulting in more predictable finishes and improved, consistent results

• It creates a high polishing level to repair the defects on glass and to finish on strong surfaces on corian and acrylic

• Ideal for the 3M  two fases repair process for the automotive trim. As these pyrimids wear out, the new and sharp mineral is continually exposed to offer a constant cut and a fine and predictable finish. 

The 3M Trizact Finesse-it 466LA film disc rolls  are available in three grades (A3, A5, and A7) to be used on a variety of paints and to satisfy the most  finishing and processing requirements. 

The roll is composed by 500 discs with film backing.

  Every disc is designed to be easily accessible and to be fixed to rotary systems or to orbital sanders.

Otherwise than conventional abrasive, the disc roll in film 3M Trizact Finesse it 466LA starts and fends the process with the same sharpening, with more predictable finishing, a more constant and better quality as results.

The abrasive discs 3M Trizact may last up to five times longer than conventional discs and they offer a precise finish control that allows to the operators to reduce the grade sequences, in order to minimize the processing phases and the use of the abrasive product.

The three-dimensional structures uniformly distributed on the entire surface of the Trizact abrasive provide constant performances and they delete variations among the discs

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