How to apply solar glass films? A complete user guide

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There are many advantages in applying solar films to the glass surfaces of buildings. They make it possible for you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter, and screening the glass allows for the reduction of interior overheating. Energy savings, thus savings in terms of bills, are immediate. And it must also be noted that solar control films provide excellent protection against UV rays, defending your skin as well as furniture, floors, sofas, and so on. All this is possible without any major building interventions, or exorbitant costs, without having to change any fixtures, and so on: you just need to choose the most suitable solar glass film for your needs and apply it correctly on glass surfaces. This is not a difficult process: let’s have a look at a complete user guide on how to apply solar glass films without making any mistakes, with clear step by step instructions. 

What you’ll need to apply solar film 

What do I need to apply solar window films? Other than a sufficient amount of solar control film – therefore, a roll containing a sufficient length of protective film - you will also need:

·         a soft and clean cloth for cleaning

·         a scraper

·         a hard rubber spatula

·         a water nebulizer

·         a metal ruler

·         a metal bracket

·         a regular cutter/a cutter with a steel blade

·         a spatula

·         a paper towel 

Installation conditions: the requirements

In addition to making sure you have all the tools you need, you should also make sure that the conditions are right before applying any solar glass film. First of all, the glass surface needs to be perfectly smooth and in good condition, as well as clean. Secondly, the temperature should not be lower than 10 °C (50 °F); you should also try to pick a windless day, without any draughts – they could make the application of solar film difficult, as well as carrying dust which could slip between the glass and the film itself. 

Before applying the solar control film: cleaning the glass

As mentioned, a fundamental requirement is a perfectly clean glass surface. The glass must be cleaned using a detergent which leaves no residue behind, such as lanolin or wax; similarly, the cloth used for cleaning and drying the glass must not shed any fibres. To ensure that the glass is perfectly clean and free of contaminants, after carefully cleaning it, it is a good idea to carry out a last wipe-through with a scraper, paying close attention to the corners and sides near the profiles of the fixtures. At this point, you can switch to the application of the solar glass film!

Instructions for applying solar glass film, step by step

Let’s have a look, now, at how to apply solar glass films, step by step:

1.       The previously cleaned glass, should be wetted slightly and evenly, using a water nebulizer;

2.       Now, it is possible to stretch out the film, operating in reverse, thus holding the liner towards yourself; thanks to the water on the glass, the film will remain “hanging” on the glass surface

3.       You can now remove the protective liner;

4.       Now, you have a film ready to be “activated”: with the nebulizer, wet its surface abundantly, “activating” the adhesive surface (in fact water will make it possible to remove the water-soluble patina that protecting the adhesive). After about two minutes, the adhesive will be completely uncovered and ready to use;

5.       Turn the solar film, laying the adhesive part to the glass, misting abundantly;

6.       Adjust the position of the film which, thanks to the water below, will be easily repositionable;

7.       To make the film adhere perfectly, start to spread the film through the spatula (to slide the spatula perfectly, you can help yourself with a little water mixed with a few drops of mild soap)

8.       At this point, you can trim the film – using a ruler, a bracket and a cutter – making sure to leave 2 mm (0.07 in) between the film and the side rubber of the frame;

9.       Now, use the spatula on the film again, pressing down more strongly, to perfect the application;

10.   At this point, you can use the spatula and a paper cloth to make sure the edges adhere perfectly.

The solar film application is now completed: following these steps, you’ll be able to apply these protections on all windows of a building.

After applying the solar film

It should be noted that the adhesive of fixture solar films completes its drying in about 15 days. It is therefore best to wait at least two weeks before proceeding with a possible cleaning of the glass, to avoid the risk of compromising the application work.


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