The 7 advantages of solar window films

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In recent years, great strides are being made towards the goal of achieving increasingly energy-efficient buildings. So, perfectly insulated walls, windows with low thermal transmittance, class A appliances, and so on. And we all know which the “enemies” that need to be fought – to keep bills as low as possible, to reduce pollution and to increase living comfort – are: among the main ones are the cold and the heat inside the house, as well as UV rays. That said, there exists an inexpensive accessory, which is easy to install and has virtually no bulk to it, which makes it possible to effectively combat all 3 of these threats: have you ever heard of solar window films? Let’s have a look at what they are, what types of them exist, and how they are made. And then let’s highlight what the advantages of solar films are!

What are solar control films for glass and windows

Before listing the advantages of solar glass films, let’s have a look what they are all about. There are actual rolls of film, typically made with polyester terephthalate or PET. You should know that there are solar control films meant for indoors or outdoors, designed to be placed on windows, inside buildings, or outdoors. Some types of solar glass films are perfectly transparent, leaving unchanged the most typical feature of windows; others are mirrored.

In our e-commerce website, inside the category dedicated to solar protection glass films, it’s possible to find rolls with different heights and lengths: sometimes they are rolls a few square meters in size, while others are long rolls, extending for over 30 meters (98 ft).

But what are the specific advantages of solar control glass films?

The 7 advantages of solar window films

1.       Savings on bills, in both summer and winter: this is the first great advantage of using solar glass films. These coverings allow for more effective insulation of the interior, retaining up to 35% of the heat generated by heating systems in winter, as well as the cool generated by air conditioning in summer. It should be noted, however, that savings on bills come hand-in-hand with less usage out of heating and air conditioning, which leads to less wear and, therefore, additional savings.

2.       Less building overheating: solar glass films, it should be highlighted, are not only meant to reduce heat or coolness dispersion from the inside out; their insulating power also works in reverse, reducing, for instance, building overheating during the summer, by reducing the overall thermal transmittance of fixtures and windows.

3.       Less energy consumption, less pollution: reducing heating and air-conditioning systems usage makes it possible to reduce the energy requirements, which saves money and pollutes less, which is of the utmost importance at this point in time.

4.       Reduction of UV rays: it is well-known, excessive exposure to sun rays without protection is not healthy, as UV rays are harmful to our skin. It is therefore paramount to note that windows cannot stop the ultraviolet rays, which may damage our skin as well as furniture, fabrics, floors, paintings, and so on. Solar glass films reduce UV rays by up to 99%.

5.       No more solar glare: when working and the sun’s rays come through a window at a precise angle, or when watching television near a window. In these cases, you often have to deal with annoying solar glare, which distracts and makes the work less comfortable. Solar control films for fixtures and windows eliminate the problem at its root.

6.       Possibility of using solar films and safety films together: installing solar films in no way eliminates the possibility of installing even security or burglar-proof films, which can in turn make windows more resistant or shatterproof, or just protected against fragmenting.

7.       Different types, for a perfect aesthetic results: being able to choose between different solar glass films makes it possible to respect architectural and aesthetic constraints, making the use of these films, visible or invisible, almost limitless.

To save energy and money, to reduce pollution, to increase living and working comfort, to increase the safety and health of a living or working environments: solar control films for fixtures and windows can make a difference, with a simple and non-invasive application.

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