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Acit insulating tape

Acit Insulating tape
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Acit insulating tape

ACIT insulating tape

The insulating tapes of A.C.I.T. are the ideal solution for the protection and differentiation of cables and pipes, the connection, the insulation! These tapes are useful for insulating electrical systems and have a non-flame propagating adhesive, self-extinguishing, waterproof, very soft and elastic.

They are also ideal for insulating, fastening, tying, waterproofing and identifying cables.

ACIT insulating tapes

Different sizes, colors and materials support the professional use of tapes in a wide variety of applications: to repair cables quickly and reliably, to fix joints, to mark temporarily installed cables or to visually identify cables.

A.C.I.T.'s insulating tapes are ideal for different applications and are available in the following variants: packs of 9 colors 15mm x 10mt; black insulating tape 19mm x 25 mt; black insulating tape 15 mm x 10 mt; and many more.