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3M Epoxy adhesive DP100 Plus

Ref. 7100148750

Epoxy adhesive DP100 Plus is particularly flexibile and guarantees a strong and permanent bond, even under vibration and impact. It can be applied in fast processing time (4 minutes)  and with handling time of 20 minutes at normal temperature. It features good shear and peel resistance. 

Flexible when polymerized, It is a good option to bond several materials. Generally, it is suitable for:

  • bonding metals, pottery, glass and other different surfaces;
  • backing for static loads;
  • use in any condition. 

Pack of 48.5ml, each box contains 12 items


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Product description

3M epoxy adhesives offer high performance and greater resistance to high temperatures, solvents and external atmospheric agents. They adhere very well to metals and to wood, and some flexible epoxy even to plastics and foams.  For a perfect adhesion, we suggest to prepare properly the substrate, for example cleaning and scuffing the surface as indicated in the technical sheet. This product is designed to contract and to expand in order to flex when the environmental conditions change.

Fast processing times (5 minutes) and adjustment in 20 minutes. Processing time is about 3-5 minutes, moreover it allows to replace it in order to keep your project under control. The adhesive reaches the handling time in about 20 minuties and results completely polymerized after 48 hours (at 22 °C). The epoxy adhesives, including epoxy resin, belong to the "structural" adhesive class, which include polurethane, cyanoacrylate, acrylic adhesives and others. The epoxy adhesive are formulated as polymer liquid reagents that undergo to a chemical reaction if mixed.

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