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Scapa insulating tape

Scapa Insulating tape
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Scapa insulating tape

Scapa insulating tape

SCAPA insulating tapes have different mechanical characteristics, such as high resistance to traction and abrasion, electromagnetic properties, impermeability to air and water. This diversity makes it possible to meet most requirements.

The use of high quality insulating tapes provides excellent protection against dust, UV light, moisture, dirt, acids, alkalis and solvents as well as applications over a wide range of temperatures.

It is difficult to guarantee efficiency, speed, durability and safety in taping, sealing and filling jobs, but various certificates guarantee the high quality of SCAPA insulation tapes.

Scapa insulating tapes

SCAPA insulation tapes can be used for insulation, protection, bonding, maintenance, identification and many other applications. All are high quality with excellent weathering properties and superior low temperature performance.

Available in several variations, including: black - white - yellow - 25mt x 50mm; in 9 colors 19mm x 25mt; black/white - 15mm x 25mt; black - 25mm x 10mt and many more.